The Children of Eisenwald

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A recap of our latest adventures:

Previously on the children of Eisenwald, the heroic Eisenwarden ended the plague of spores upon Pilzstadt and the surrounding forest, vanquishing the Rin the Dark One who had come to capture Ugo in the interests of gaining leverage against his archfey patron The Red Lady. After doing so they encountered The Great Sovereign Osho, one of three ancient myconid sovereigns who once ruled and protected the roots of the forest and the Living Tree. Osho revealed that a small spark of life remained in the roots of the tree, though its fallen trunk had long since died, and passed on his Spore of Sovereignty to Buu before dying of extreme old age. They also discovered that Rin and his minions had been behind the theft of the Pilzstadt merchants' wares, so the party rode back in triumph to return the stolen property.

On their way back to Pilzstadt, they encountered a raiding party of fire elementals led by a trio of young dragons, which they were likewise able to dispatch, although with the temporary loss of Ugo's sprite companion Lister. They routed the Elementals but the dragons escaped through a portal.


Siegfried and Oph returned from Kusteburg, having learned that the Grand Duke's brother Count Byard

has taken over the Duchy in all but name while the Duke is away. He dismissed many of the Duke's retainers, replacing them with functionaries under the authority of the new Seneschal Waldemar, who they discover is a practitioner of magic during their infiltration of the Duke's library. Fortunately, their mission to the library was a success despite being discovered and forced to flee, and they find evidence

exonerating the people of the Pilzstadt for the destruction of the Living Tree. They also found the blessing herbs needed to create the antidote to the magical disease that some Pilzstadt folk had contracted.

This accomplished, the Boph arrived in Pilzstadt to perform a ritual invoking the gift of Himmel and Erda, and a Great Stump grew up from the ground beneath the Warden's yurt. In the commotion, however, Sting was scared away from town and a child was lost. Evonni tracked Sting to the edge of the forest, and there she found a sketchy looking creature named Num, and his boss Devat. She managed not to bring the situation to blows and instead returned to town to inform the other Wardens at the Great Stump, which turned out to be hollow and full of naturally formed rooms inside. Based on her discreption, Oph identified the creature as a goblin and it's boss as a bugbear – both troublesome to have so near one's town.

While the party debated what to do about this, Frau Yettenich from Pilzstadt ran to the wardens to beg for help finding her lost child Albert. Siegfried, having met Albert earlier the same day, was able to reach him with a sending, and work out that goblins had kidnapped him, so after collecting Albert's stuffed snail “Snaily” from Frau Yettenich to give to Sting for a scent, they set out after the missing boy.



On the way out of town, the party retrieved Ugo, who had finished performing the ritual to bring Lister back from his limbo state in Ugo's magical chain tattoo. They tracked the goblins to some ruins in the mountains to the south, where they found they had gone down into the lower levels of some kind of tower full of weird eye-and-tentacle motifs. The party encountered and defeated several goblins therein along with a Bugbear commander. Unfortunately, these werent the goblins they were looking for. (This bugbear was Boss Mog, not Devat). Ugo, meanwhile, made his way down a set of trapped stairs into a large round chamber.



Siegfried, Evonni, and Coge searched the area where they fought the goblins while Buu made his way down into the round chamber with Ugo, setting off the fire traps a few times but making note of where they were so he could successfully lead Siegfried down thereafter. Once they had identified all the trapped steps, the party was able to go down without further scorching. They retrieved some items from a pool in the chamber, including a statue of a grasping hand which concealed a Scroll of Hunger of Hadar.

Searching a room to the east, they found a series of cells, at the end of which was a woman stuck to the wall by some kind of enormous sticky fungus that appeared to be slowly dissolving her. After several unsuccessful attempts to free her directly, Siegfried managed to improvise a minor curse on the creature causing it to temporarily lose its stickyness and slide off the woman onto the floor, where it began to eat away at the party / their boots. The party grabbed the woman and hightailed it out of the cells, slamming the door behind them and apparently containing the fungus.

Between Evonni, Siegfried, and Buu, they healed the worst of the woman's injuries. She introduced herself as Sasha, a scholar from across the sea hired by a man named Dasha to investigate the ruins of what she called “The Old Watchtower”, apparently the building that stands / used to stand above the sublevels the party ventured into. However, according to Sasha, Dasha made contact with the goblinoids upon arriving in the Eisenwald region, and paid them to abduct children from nearby towns for an unknown reason. When Sasha objected to these abductions, Dasha stuck her to the wall with the fungus and left her to be slowly digested thereby.

After Buu mended the gear damaged by the fungus along with Sasha's clothes, the scholar more or less joined the party's exploration of the lower areas of the Old Watchtower. To the north of the round ritual chamber, they encountered an altar, which Sting sniffed at suspiciously. This caused an entity connected to the altar to contact Evonni through her bond to Sting, and ask her if she was worthy. Evonni answered in the affirmative, and so the entity declared that it would test Evonni and her companions to see if this was so.

Four tentacle monsters then appeared in the room which the party was forced to battle – Ugo, unfortunately, ended up locked outside for this fight as he had not yet entered the chamber with the rest.

After the party beat the monsters, the entity identified itself as “Vorax”, and declared Evonni worthy of a boon / wish. Evonni asked to be shown the way to Albert, so Vorax magically opened a new path to the north, and said Albert could be found that way.

Current Quest Status:

Main Quest, “The Autumn Festival”


Rich Emissaries from across the sea are on their way to Pilzstadt for the Autumn Festival to negotiate lucrative new agreements to purchase the fine hardwoods of the Eisenwald, thanks to the diplomatic and economic machinations of Mr. Wolf, the town's master of trade. Unfortunately, a series of mysterious mishaps have befallen the town – these must be resolved, or the festival will be ruined and the town could be set back economically for years!


1. The Missing Merchandise (Complete!)

The merchants of Pilzstadt were robbed en masse by unseen theives, and with everything from metal stocks to the Brewmeister's best ale stores gone missing, the Autumn Festival could be ruined, leaving the Emissaries unimpressed with Pilzstadt's hospitality. The party beat the gang of boggles that stole the goods, and returned them to their rightful owners.


2. The Mangled Mill (Complete!)

The mill was magically sabotaged! It has to be repaired, as without water-power the huge logs from the Eisenwald can't be sawn into saleable lumber, and there'll be nothing to offer the Emissaries! Evonni recovered a magical bag of metal and lumber from the Shrine of Rodak, and along with some coins to pay extra laborers, it was enough to fix the mill.

3. The Magical Malady (Complete!)

A mysterious illness, recognized by Buu as being magical in nature, has befallen several residents of Pilzstadt. Siegfried, Oph, and Kotadi retrieved healing herbs from Anne's shop in Kusteburg that created a curative form of holy water when combined in the Stein of Healing Siegfried recovered from the shrine of Rodak. The disease has been eliminated!

4. Spore'n To Be Wild (Complete!)

A cloud of strange spores is causing people and animals around Pilzstadt to go crazy – that's the sort of thing that scares off potential investors! The party tracked the spores to Osho, an ancient myconid who was using them to send a distress call to any of his kind within range, so that he could pass on his Spore of Sovereignty to another of his kind before he died. Buu received the spore, and once the myconid peacefully passed away, the distress spores quickly dissipated from the air.


5. A Ferry Bad Situation (Complete!)

Someone sabotaged the ferry – without it, the loggers and mushroom-hunters on the other side of the river have no easy way to get back and forth from the forest to Pilzstadt, which would slow both of Pilzstadt's key industries to a crawl. A solution must be found! Though the party could not fix the ferry, Ugo found a magical seed in the Shrine of Rodak, which grew into a bridge across the Bochtig River where the ferry once was – an even better solution than before!


6. Owls Be Seein' You (Complete!)

Weird shapes have been spotted moving through the woods, making mushroom gathers and lumberjacks alike reluctant to venture into many parts of the Eisenwald – some people have even gone missing! We need our wood and shrooms, so we've got to solve this problem. The shapes turned out to be the Boph, a friendly race of owl-bear people with reason to distrust humans. Thanks to the party's discoveries, relations with the Boph have normalized, the missing people were returned, and all is well between Pilzstadt and Boph…burg?


7. The Quest Starts To Drag-On (Complete!)

Uh-oh, someone's been setting things on fire on the outskirts of Pilzstadt! The party's got to put paid to this pyromania, and fast. The party defeated the fire elementals attacking the fields, and drove off the red dragon wyrmlings leading them.


8. I've Got Some Bones To Pick On You (Complete!)

The old fire watch tower north of town has been the source of strange activity – it's right off the trade road to Kusteburg, so we need to solve the mystery to insure the town's secondary trade route stays open. A group of restless warrior spirits – including one of Hartmann's kin — were bound to the tower by dark magic. Defeating their reanimated remains released them to rest in peace.

9. They're Goblin Up The Children! (Quest In Progress)

Just when it looked like everything was ready for the festival, a child in Pilzstadt goes missing, and it looks like goblins are to blame! It's time for the Eisenwarden to teach those little green freaks and their big bad bugbear bosses a lesson!



Pilzstadt Pilzstadt

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