The Children of Eisenwald

Dyin' and Dasha

The party races to save Albert before it's too late.

After slitting Albert's throat, Dasha conjures a runic barrier around himself and the altar, along with three lesser barriers around his sacrifices. As he finishes this spell, portals open in two corners of the room, from which small demons begin to emerge. Ugo Detects Magic, and is able to see that the portals, the barriers, and the altar are connected. The party attacks the barrier around Dasha and it begins to weaken.

The party dispatches the small demons, but more keep coming through, and the portals are widening enough to see larger creatures crowding together on the other side, eager to push through when the portal widens. Siegfried attempts to heal Albert, and it stabilizes him partially, but also heals Dasha. 

The party — minus Siegfried — dispatches another round of demons, but larger ones begin to push through. Siegfried, meanwhile, plays a magical song on his lute to Dispel the Magic of Dasha's barrier. As it breaks, Siegfried receives a vision of his master, Tannhauser, warning him that Dasha and Albert are connected. After re-stringing Siegfried's lute, "Tannhauser" sends Siegfried back to the present. Dasha panics and opens a portal above the altar, but not before Coge manages to hinder the assembled enemies with a blizzard of draconic ice that slows time. Dasha leaps for the portal but is slowed in midair. The demon portals widen but become unstable, likely the reason for Dasha's panic.

As more demons emerge, the party begins to feel the strain of battle, as Buu, Sting, and Evonni all take down enemies but more keep coming through. Siegfried breaks the circle around Albert by destroying the runes, which weakens the portals, as Buu summons a pack of wolves to assist the party with the demons. They kill the remaining adversaries, but as Sting and Ugo try to seize Dasha they get in each others' way and as a result both Ugo and Dasha are knocked through the portal just before it closes.

On the other side, they discover Heim, the old white-haired man. Dasha is surprised — this is not where he expected to be.

"Even the broken vessels sometimes have a use." Heim comments, looking at Dasha, before greeting Ugo. Abruptly, the red lady appears, interposing herself between Ugo and Heim.  The two exchange terse greetings, and Heim appears to concede the Red Lady's charge over Ugo. Almost as an afterthought, the Red Lady incinerates Dasha, and then prompts Ugo to follow her, leaving his fate as yet unknown.

The rest of the party, collects themselves after the battle. Searching Dasha's pack for clues, they find some magical items, but nothing else of consequence, and so, exhausted, they retreat to where they lest Paul and Sasha to rest. 


Pilzstadt Pilzstadt

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