The Children of Eisenwald

To Bring You Up To Date...
The undocumented adventures of our heroes up to date at last!

Siegfried and the mayor successfully stop the town from rioting and potentially hurting Mr. Wolf's associate, who turns out to be Kamil. The Shaggy Mane is cleared for a private session with the mayor, where the party reluctantly reveals their magical transformation. The Mayor is surprised but supportive, especially as the party agrees to help her with the strange problems around town. She in turn has a yurt-like wood and canvas Pavilion erected with the help of some funds supplied by Wolf earlier, to give the party a private space to plan and work in. 

The party then investigates each problem in turn: first a strange disease affects some folk in Pilzstadt. The party investigates and Buu determines the disease is magical. They try to then investigate the site where the first infected person fell ill, but run into Lumbermeister Steppenwald who warns them lumberjacks have been disappearing in this area. On investigating they are initially attacked by spears and driven off after ignoring several written signs telling them to keep away. They stay the night at the camp, where they meet Hartmann, a man who managed to magically survive a living tree attack. Ultimately undaunted, they return to perimeter marked by the signs and loudly ask to parlay. After a tense meeting diffused by giving the strangers a close look at the elven faces of Sieg, Ugo, and Evonni, they discover the strangers are the Boph, an owl-like race of humanoids is responsible for the disappearances, having captured the lumberjacks, believing them to be responsible for the destruction of Ruddy Hans. Comparing notes, the party discovers that the Boph appear to be from a different time, since they believe the tree just fell to an attack by magic-weilding humans, whereas it was hundreds of years buried when the Pilzstadt loggers found it and began harvesting. 

The suspicious Boph give the party 10 days to investigate, and send a scholar named Oph to help. 

Back at the yurt, the party splits up: Buu and Sieg investigate the mill, Ugo, Kotadi, and Hartmann check out the shops that have been robbed, and Evonni and Coge investigate the ferry, since their investigation of the disease was stymied. Sieg and Buu find the mill appeared to have rotted by non-organic means, and after nearly drowning by the broken waterwheel, Sieg recovers a stone cylinder, which the smith helps him open, and which contains two spell scrolls – comprehend languages, and mage armor. Ugo's crew finds that the missing items from the smithy vanished inexplicably, but a large stone marked with a wing symbol appeared outside. Evonni talks to some otters about strange things in the river, and the point her to an oddity in the bank which turns out to be a sinkhole that sucks her, Coge, and Kamil down into a cave system. Kamil manages to climb back out and bring Sieg and Ugo, and they encounter strange ice monsters guarding a shrine of some sort.

After killing the monsters, they enter the shrine and meet the ghost of Rodak, a past hero who mentions he was killed by the Boph but seems to bear no ill will towards them. He puts them through three trials before letting them leave the Shrine, and then giving them relics of his heroic adventures, which turn out to be a strange magical seed that grows a bridge, a mug with healing powers, a magic bag of miniaturized building materials, and a magic ring. His purpose fulfilled, Rodak vanishes and the party makes their way back out of the caves.

Evonni gives the bag of building materials to the Smith to replace the lost stock and repair damage at the mill, Ugo throws the seed as instructed by Rodak where it grows into an impressive stone and metal bridge which will obviate the need for the ferry, Siegfried investigates the possibility of using blessed water in the mug to heal the disease, and Coge's ring turns into a swarm of bats at night and flies away, though it returns in the morning. 

The party each dreams about the item they received, which convinces Siegfried to go to Kusteburg to retrieve a rare herb needed to bless the water in the mug from Ann's shop, taking Oph, Kotadi, and Kamil with him — they also hope to investigate reports of unrest in Kusteburg. Evonni dreams about a strange smith and some animals, and when she asks the town smith about it, she finds that some strange bracers with animal symbols on the appeared at the smithy during the night. The smith gives these to Evonni. Ugo has a dream in which he sees the bridge being turned from a bridge back into a seed with Rodak and a female mage. The mage gives him a magic band in the dream, which he still has when he awakens. When they next sleep, the party shares a dream of fighting a mutated snail, which is interrupted by a pair of massive glowing yellow eyes telling them to "remember". 

On waking, Buu finds he has molted and feels stronger, and some of his memories return. Sensing myconid distress spores, he runs outside, finding the sky overcast almost to the point of twilight. When he portends the weather, he sees a mountain with smoke coming from it, which is not a portent he is familiar with. When the party assembles, they trace the spores to an ambush by three mushroom-wolf hybrids, which Buu is able to identify as myconid spore servants. The servants attack them, focusing only on Ugo and Evonni, but the party defeats them, though Ugo and Hartmann are briefly paralyzed by stunning spores when Hartmann kills the alpha wolf. Buu touches a floating spore that emerges from the alpha, seeing a vision of a leering, pointed eared face along with frantic mental commands to find and neutralize it embedded in the psychic residue of the spore. Buu convinces the party to go after the distress spores, and as they follow the trail they find many glowing, oversized distress spores, some of which Ugo collects despite Buu's protest. 

Along the trail they hear something in the brush, and chase it into a box canyon. It turns out to be an ugly little blue humanoid creature, which beckons them closer, but the party is not fooled and when the creature appears to give a loud frantic signal in its strange language, the party joins battle, where the adventure pauses for now. 



The Shivving Tree
The party turns over a new leaf.

On their way to a cave Evonni knows, the party encounters a strange disturbance, which Evonni hears as whispering and Siegfried experiences as a faint melody. Suddenly, nearby trees and shrubs come to life and attack, lashing the party with the branches. Though their first impulse is to fight back, the party is ill-equipped to fight trees and (obviously) outnumbered, and so they flee the scene, easily outdistancing the trees who seem to have relatively little ambulation. Most escape with scratches, but Evonni is knocked out by a swipe from the largest tree and has to be carried to safety.

The party reaches the cave, which seems to have been used as a camp before, and turns in for the night. In the morning, Siegfried and Kotadi discuss how the townsfolk will react to their new appearances, and they decide that that the elf-like party members can hide their ears with long hair and their cloaks, relying on peoples' tendency to see what they expect to see to help obfuscate the more subtle changes. Siegfried reveals that he has also worked out how to disguise himself with a magic glamour, as he is the one most likely to draw direct face-to-face attention. 

The party sets off for Pilzstadt, on the way encountering Snail Farmer Lukas headed out of town to search for a lost giant snail. Knowing that the part of the forest he is headed to is dangerous (having recently encountered angry trees and goat men there) they dissuade him, with Evonni promising to search for the snail instead. Fortunately for Lukas' health, he is agreeable to any course of action that lets him go have a drink at the inn instead of bushwacking through the Eisenwald, and so he agrees, turning back to Pilzstadt, where the party follows after a quick detour at Evonni's forest camp to resupply and obtain some stored healing herbs. 

They approach the town and Ugo wants to immediately go home to greet his mother, but Siegfried convinces him they need to meet with the mayor first to explain the goings on. They find that the ferry is missing, so they cross via the mill bridge instead, where Siegfried's parents normally run the mill. Inside, they find the mill deserted and in uncharacteristically poor repair. Heading to the Inn, they find the mayor swamped by a mob of townsfolk inside. Inquiring with her mother (who runs the Inn with her father), Evonni discovers that the town has been plagued with strange misfortunes, including the mysterious accelerated rotting and sinking of the ferry virtually overnight, and the sudden breakdown or decay of many of the mill's components, along with a plethora of missing stock, soured milk, mysteriously assaulted lumberjacks, etc.

Mr. Wolf is nowhere to be found, and in the absence of his charismatic leadership, the mayor is having trouble calming the townsfolk on her own. They blame a mysterious stranger (a purported associate or guest of Mr. Wolf) for the misfortunes, and demand he answer their charges. Currently, the mayor has sequestered the stranger in her house guarded by a few of the more level-headed townsmen to prevent the mob from seizing or lynching him, but the situation is becoming dire as the town's mood sours. 

With their benefactor currently absent, Siegfried declares that it's up to them to stop the people from rioting, and as they prepare to do so the story pauses. 

The Goat Men Cometh
Ambush at the Healing Spring

The party is ambushed by attackers from the forest, who appear to be strange half-man, half-goat creatures armed with spears and bows.  Initially surprised, the group gradually rallies to face their foes, who seem resistant to magic. Kotadi awakens mid-combat and manifests the ability to teleport, flanking one of the goat men with Siegfried. One eventually falls to an arrow from Evonni, one takes Siegfried's rapier through the back when he turns to cut down Kotadi, and one is improbably beaten to death with a stick by Buu. (Who was evidently provoked into a fungal rage by having himself and his new friends nearly murdered by a band of unprovoked assailants twice in one week.)

The group then wearily drags themselves to the spring to rest. As they do, Siegfried begins to feel strange, hearing ethereal melodies all around him, and to his amazement he discovers that he too has begun to manifest magical powers through his voice and music. Moreover, the party discovers that their appearances have changed after bathing in the pool — Ugo and Siegfried have taken on elven features, Evonni and Kotadi even more so, with Coge temporarily manifesting a hard-edged draconic appearance that gradually fades once he leaves the water. Ugo, Siegfried, Evonni and Kotadi also discover that their senses have sharpened, and they now have the ability to see in the dark. Though Evonni has yet to manifest any magic directly, she feels her bond to the forest has taken on a mystical dimension. (Buu does not become any more uncanny than he normally is, much to everyone's relief.) 

Siegfried, recalling stories he has heard, matches the appearance of the elven party members to the description of the Forest Folk, a legendary race told of in fairy tales and generally thought to be entirely mythical, though he cannot recall anything quite like Coge in the stories he is familiar with. They discuss what to do about the pool, initially concerned they may have intruded where they do not belong, though Siegfried comments that since they are seemingly Forest Folk, the forest is where they belong by definition, a sentiment Evonni readily agrees with. 

The party then shares a literally magical experience as they sit about the pool, with Siegfried and Ugo joyfully putting on a show with bright illusory magic, joined by Coge and Buu who manipulate the water around them into fantastical shapes. Before they depart to seek shelter, Siegfried — whose magic awakened after the battle and therefore was not expended during it — sings an old song he knows that was purported to be a healing charm.  He manages to continue it long enough to mend the wounds of the most grievously injured, and the party leaves to seek shelter in a nearby cave. 

Over The Hills and Through The Woods
The chase is on!

The party heads into a copse of trees to camp, but Ugo is awakened by a spectral hand beckoning him, and wakes up Evonni as he follows it. It turns out to be Kotadi, warning them that Byard's men have pursued them outside of Kusteburg and into the countryside. 

The group flees, with Coge and Ugo managing to convince a surly shepherd to misdirect their pursuers after he catches Evonni trying to scatter his flock for the same purpose. Siegfried uses his flute to imitate a hawk, scattering birds from a hedge as further misdirection, but they are then stymied by a river. Although Buu finds a decent place to ford, he, Ugo and Siegfried are still swept away when they trying to swim the swift water. Luckily, Evonni and Coge make the other side in time to throw them ropes and pull them to the far side of the river (with Siegfried snatching up Buu in the process) just as Byard's men arrive on the opposite bank. As they draw bows, Coge creates a pair of floating ice blocks to distract them while the party flees.

With several more misdirections, the party arrives in the Eisenwald and makes camp, Evonni sleeping in a tree. She awakes on the ground but doesn't seem to have fallen. Someone catches a brief view of a masked figure, but other than disturbed brush there is no sign of them in the morning. The party finds that they have suddenly taken ill, but this is soon discovered to be an effect of Buu's telepathy spores finally taking hold on them. Siegfried finds he (having carried Buu papoose-style for a substantial portion of the way) is now able to hear Buu's projected thoughts, much to the little myconid's delight, and the rest of the party is expected to soon be "tuned in" as well. 

Kotadi has failed to awaken, however, and despite the application of herbal medicine by Evonni and Buu, they are only able to stabilize him. So, constructing a rough travois from branches and one of Evonni's animal hides, they carry Kotadi to the Healing Spring, hoping it will cure him. Siegfried gives him water from the spring, but when that doesn't work, the party decides to carry Kotadi into the spring.

When they do so, the water begins to bubble and glow, and a shock runs through the party from Kotadi's body. Siegfried manages to remain in the water to hold Kotadi above it, but as the rest of the party scrambles out of the spring, an arrow from somewhere strikes Evonni, and the story pauses. 

Escape From Kusteburg
The party makes their escape.

The party awakes back at the Duke's Rest, recovering from their injuries under the care of a healer named Kamil, except for Coge as he was relatively uninjured during the fight. Captain Hans introduces Kotadi to Coge, who negotiates an agreement to take Kotadi to the Healing Spring, previously visited by Evonni on Wolf's behalf. 

Later, the party is interviewed individually by Knight Captain Dals about the robbery, and Siegfried perceives from his hostile, accusatory manner (despite the fact that they were victims) that he is connected with Egbert, a question which Dals evades.

That evening, Captain Hans arrives to spirit the party away, suggesting that if they stay in town they may somehow be framed for the robbery or some other malefaction by Byard, Egbert's uncle and the overseer of the city watch.

They make their way out of the inn, where the surly (and likely fake) musicians they encountered on the way to Ann's shop are lying in wait, but Siegfried distracts them with a dart thrown at a distant pan to make noise and the party slips past them unseen. They are nearly caught by a surly cart driver when Ugo is noticed trying to urge the horses forward to block the alley behind them, but Captain Hans intervenes and they escape to the harbor and The Howling Tempest, where they meet Kamil and are instructed to hide in a lifeboat. Therein they meet Kotadi, who has rescued Buu from the bandits who robbed Ann's shop. Once the ship is underway, they lower the lifeboat and escape up the Bochtig river, hiding the boat along the shore as they make their way into the hills towards the Eisenwald.

The Rarest of Mushrooms
A simple delivery leads to both wonder and disaster.

After a good night's sleep, the party awakes and heads downstairs into the common room of The Duke's Rest, to find that their benefactor Ernst Wolf Ribbentrop has left for the day on business, leaving them each a small stipend of coins and some instructions with the innkeeper, Herr Hill

They are instructed to deliver a wooden box to the local Herbalist's shop, and are advised — for reasons not stated — to stay away from the harbor district and not to cross the river into the wealthier district of Kusteburg. Afterwards, they are to show Ugo around to some tradesman's shops, to see if he sees a trade that interests him. Siegfried — being the most familiar with Kusteburg — takes the lead, and drops the box into a sack, which on second thought he hands to Ugo to carry.

The party sets off, and finds it is a generally normal day in Kusteburg, with the townsfolk bustling about their business. They encounter a pair of street performers who seem utterly disengaged with their work, not even bothering to thank a passing citizen who drops a coin in their cup. Siegfried notices and comments on their lack of flair, which prompts Ugo to approach them – with Siegfried hovering protectively just behind - and ask what they are doing, which they answer curtly and brush off further inquiries with gruff unfriendliness. Despite this, as far as the party can tell they are just poor street performers, and so our heroes move along to their destination.

They are greeted by the shopkeeper, Anne The Herbalist, who eagerly opens the proffered box to reveal five rare mushrooms from the Eisenwald Forest. Inviting the party to come along, Ann goes down a hallway into a dimly lit back room, where she (evidently) begins talking to a plant and placing the mushrooms in front of it.

As their eyes adjust to the dimness, the party approaches to discover that the plant is, in fact, a large mushroom itself. More interestingly, this mushroom possesses arms, legs, and eyes. More interestingly still, this mushroom is moving around of its own accord. Startled at first, the party quickly warms to the little creature as it absorbs the medicinal mushrooms provided to it, becoming even more active as it does so. Anne explains that the creature's name is Buu, and he was found in a somewhat sickly condition by mushroom hunters in Pilzstadt. He was then passed on to Wolf by the Mayor, who mutually agreed to keep him a secret, which the party generally agrees was probably wise, and Wolf in turn left him with Anne, hoping her expertise in herbs and fungi could shed some light on Buu's nature. For his part, Buu seems to be currently content with this situation, responding positively and even warmly to Ann and the party, though he rebuffs Evonni when she asks to pick him up.

The creature can communicate mentally with Anne, but not the party, and she surmises that extended exposure is required to speak to it and hear it in this way. Nonetheless, Buu can understand the party's words, and makes himself understood to the party as best he can with gestures, nods, and head shakes, with Ann relaying more complex messages.

Shortly, Anne hears other customers enter the shop up front, and leaves to attend to them while the party continues watching Buu in rapt fascination, as the little mushroom-creature revels in his new vigor and mobility, moving around the room and inspecting the various raised planters. Ugo comments that this is much more fun to watch than the surly performers outside, and Siegfried agrees, saying that Buu's capering would probably bring in a lot more coin than half-hearted juggling, but also that it's probably for the best that Buu is not subjected to that kind of public exposure. Evonni attempts to ask Buu how long he's been with Anne, and so Buu attempts to communicate the concept of "ten days" by pointing to a sunbeam and then making ten lines in the dirt, but Evonni is unable to make sense of it. 

Ugo then hears something from the front, and when he listens closer realizes that it is angry shouting. Thinking that the Herbalist might be in trouble, he alerts his friends and bolts towards the shop front, with the rest of the party and Buu following. 

They find a group of armed men threatening  Anne. Ugo rushes in and strikes a glancing blow to one of them, but is pushed back. The men advise the party not to intervene, appearing to be single-minded in their objective — the man Ugo struck is the apparent leader and says they are there to reclaim their property. Buu attempts to stay out of sight behind Evonni, but the leader of the brigands catches sight of him and advances, saying that Buu is the "property" he has come to take. 

Since no real justification for their invasion of Anne's shop was provided, Siegfried interposes himself between the leader and Buu and engages the head brigand in a sword fight. Buu, surprising everyone, somehow produces a cloud of fog to obscure himself and Evonni. Evonni takes advantage of this, darting out of the fog to loose arrows at the enemy and then darting back in to conceal herself, though aiming is difficult with so many of her allies around and enemies overlapping each other. 

It goes poorly, as Evonni and Siegfried are the only well-armed members of the party. A club-wielding thug grabs Ugo from behind and holds him fast despite his struggling, and in so doing breaks the chain around Ugo's neck. The moment he does so, Ugo finds himself in a forest, in the company of a white bearded man and a white horse. The old man introduces himself as Content Not Found: cheim, and says he has been watching Ugo. He claims he is an ally of the forest itself, who seeks other allies to protect the Eisenwald, and to fight injustice, those who would do harm, and — he makes a point of mentioning — bullies. As Ugo watches in a mixture of amazement and unease, Cheim reaches into the horse's body and — seemingly without causing pain or damage — draws forth a clean white rib and offers it to Ugo, saying that this will be a symbol of Cheim's alliance with him, and that he is not to lose it. Ugo, somewhat reluctantly accepts the gift, and feels a rush of power. Cheim bids him farewell, and Ugo finds himself sailing away through the air before reappearing in the shop, behind the thug that had seized him. 

Ugo grins, and with an instinctive gesture of the bone wand that sends nearby flower petals swirling around the thug, the man sways on his feet, and then collapses to the floor as though he fell into an exhausted sleep. The party is amazed, but has no time to react as they are occupied with the other thugs and their uncommonly skilled leader, whom Siegfried struggles desperately to match in swordplay.

Another of the thugs starts to advance and Coge tries to seize him with a curious technique used at the monastery, but as he does so the crystal around his neck starts to glow, and the technique proves to be a somatic motion that unleashes a ray of frost on the thug. With all the thugs thus engaged with the party, Anne darts through door to the storefront. 

Still struggling to hold their own, Seigfried scores a few hits on Content Not Found: gypsy, who is then buffeted along with another of the thugs by a roaring breath of frost exhaled by Koge. Ugo then manifests another ability and strikes at the leader with an coldly lashing vine of withering force, but the leader keeps his feet still, and in a flurry of attacks strikes down Siegfried. Ugo roars in anger, projecting a dread presence that pauses the leader's advance momentarily, but the leader shakes it off after several seconds and manages to wake the thug Ugo had put to sleep. 

Buu attempts to intervene, causing vines to erupt from the ground and grasp at the thugs, but the brigands break free of them. Coge backs towards the door, hurling icy blasts, but most fail to find their mark as he is forced to aim around his rapidly falling allies. Ugo succumbs to the leader's seemingly invincible assault and falls alongside Siegfried, as Evonni blocks the door. The leader tells her to stand aside, to which she bravely refuses, but with all the thugs converged on her she is struck down just the same. The thugs head into the fog to search for Buu, who manages to stab one in the leg with a dagger before the other three seize and disarm him, and then stuff him in a sack. 

While the thugs are thus occupied, Coge follows Anne to summon help, and finds her already on the way with the city guard. As he calls out them the, the thugs push past him and flee down an alley with Buu. The watch arrives with Ann, who rushes into the shop as the guards pursue the brigands. Anne binds the wounds of the fallen and prevents them from dying, while Coge elaborates on the situation to the guard captain, skirting around the sensitive issue of Buu by describing him as a valuable mushroom which the thugs have stolen.

Just then, the other guards return and inform the captain, Anne, and the party that the thugs had a boat waiting, and have unfortunately escaped by water with their "stolen mushroom".

The Story Begins
The Wolf assembles a pack.

The story begins as the unseen Narrator tells a story to an unknown group of travelers from the sea, going first to Kusteburg, and then to Pilzstadt where the Narrator advises his audience that the tale starts.

Siegfried Sommer, adventuresome young musician, is summoned to The Shaggy Mane Inn by the mayor of Pilzstadt, whom he finds in conference with Mr. Wolf, the master of markets and commissioner of Shroomspringa. The two officials explain that a royal envoy from a distant kingdom is to arrive in Pilzstadt, with an eye towards purchasing some of the imperishable cedar wood from the ancient dead-fall "Ruddy Hans". They hope to welcome him with music from the envoy's homeland, with which Siegfried is not familiar, so the young musician is sent to accompany Mr. Wolf to Kusteburg where a traveling minstrel familiar with the foreign songs can teach them to Siegfried

Meanwhile Evonni Kruger, the reclusive hunter, searches the Forest of Eisenwald on an errand for Mr. Wolf. Her keen eyes spot the object of her hunt — an as yet unrevealed object — and with this mysterious item secured she makes her way to the river to wait for Wolf's arrival as instructed.

Later, the eager but troubled young Ugo Dunkelauge is on the fringes of Pilzstadt where he spots and avoids a pair of local bullies, whom he shortly thereafter witnesses absconding with something from the inn, and then making a quick escape. Ugo was also summoned to meet with Wolf at the inn, and so he makes his way there. Upon his arrival, Mr. Wolf informs him that his family has been formally accepted into the village, and furthermore that Mr. Wolf has commissioned him to go on Shroomspringa. (It appears from the mayor's reactions that Wolf has somehow pressured or cajoled her into agreeing to these actions against her own wishes.) Ugo is at first stunned, and then nearly panicked when he is told that he must leave immediately, and is given scrip by Wolf to outfit himself at the general store. 

Ugo, having assembled a bindle of supplies from the general store, heads to the dock where he meets Siegfried. Together, they board the barge and Ugo almost falls into the water as he tries to copy Siegfried's casual hop from dock to deck, but Siegfried catches him with a swift Acrobatic maneuver and pulls him aboard, where Wolf shortly joins them and the barge sets off downriver. 

Elsewhere, the enigmatic wanderer Coge Fenter finds his way to Kusteburg, where he attempts to find work but has difficulty explaining the nature of his talents to the townsfolk. It is there where he encounters a Mysterious Woman, who seems to sense potential in him, and offers him an opportunity. 

Back on the barge, Ugo discusses Shroomspringa with Siegfried, the latter having already completed his. Before long, the barge crew slows the vessel at Wolf's behest and briefly steer towards the bank, where Evonni is waiting and hops aboard without a word. The two young men try to engage her conversation, but she is reserved and the company soon lapses into an awkward silence, broken only when Siegfried decides to play his hornpipe to the delight of the barge crew. 

The barge group arrives in Kusteburg, and after leaving the harbor there they encounter The Mysterious Woman, whom Wolf seems to know and be slightly discomfited by. (Leading Ugo to suspect her of being Wolf's "special lady friend".) After parting ways, Wolf takes the group to The Dukes Rest, a nicer inn past the harbor, and leaves them in the care of Herr Hill the innkeeper. Siegfried, always eager to spread his fame in Kusteburg seeks to ply his trade but discovers a pair of minstrels already playing there, much to his chagrin. 

In the back room, Wolf meets with and hires the perplexed Coge. Coge accepts Mr. Wolf's offer and they toast with a liquid poured out of a Flask before Mr. Wolf sends him out to meet his new compatriots in the common room while Wolf attends to another matter. After introductions, during which Siegfried unsuccessfully tries to nail down what exactly it is that Coge does, dinner is served. As they eat, Siegfried brings up the subject of his favorite tavern game: darts. Herr Hill happens to have an old dart board in the basement made from a crosscut log, which he dusts off and hangs up in the common room for his guests. They each take turns, with Ugo narrowly hitting the board, Siegfried striking near the center with one of his own hand-fletched darts, and Coge employing a strange throwing technique to get a bullseye. Evonni then misses badly with a wild throw that ricochets improbably around the common room, before hurling one of her daggers at the board in frustration instead and hitting the bullseye dead-on. Thereafter she declared the game to be stupid, and retrieved her dagger from the board, leaving an immense gouge where the bullseye had been. Siegfried wryly congratulated her on having "slain the dartboard."


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