The Children of Eisenwald

To Bring You Up To Date...

The undocumented adventures of our heroes up to date at last!

Siegfried and the mayor successfully stop the town from rioting and potentially hurting Mr. Wolf's associate, who turns out to be Kamil. The Shaggy Mane is cleared for a private session with the mayor, where the party reluctantly reveals their magical transformation. The Mayor is surprised but supportive, especially as the party agrees to help her with the strange problems around town. She in turn has a yurt-like wood and canvas Pavilion erected with the help of some funds supplied by Wolf earlier, to give the party a private space to plan and work in. 

The party then investigates each problem in turn: first a strange disease affects some folk in Pilzstadt. The party investigates and Buu determines the disease is magical. They try to then investigate the site where the first infected person fell ill, but run into Lumbermeister Steppenwald who warns them lumberjacks have been disappearing in this area. On investigating they are initially attacked by spears and driven off after ignoring several written signs telling them to keep away. They stay the night at the camp, where they meet Hartmann, a man who managed to magically survive a living tree attack. Ultimately undaunted, they return to perimeter marked by the signs and loudly ask to parlay. After a tense meeting diffused by giving the strangers a close look at the elven faces of Sieg, Ugo, and Evonni, they discover the strangers are the Boph, an owl-like race of humanoids is responsible for the disappearances, having captured the lumberjacks, believing them to be responsible for the destruction of Ruddy Hans. Comparing notes, the party discovers that the Boph appear to be from a different time, since they believe the tree just fell to an attack by magic-weilding humans, whereas it was hundreds of years buried when the Pilzstadt loggers found it and began harvesting. 

The suspicious Boph give the party 10 days to investigate, and send a scholar named Oph to help. 

Back at the yurt, the party splits up: Buu and Sieg investigate the mill, Ugo, Kotadi, and Hartmann check out the shops that have been robbed, and Evonni and Coge investigate the ferry, since their investigation of the disease was stymied. Sieg and Buu find the mill appeared to have rotted by non-organic means, and after nearly drowning by the broken waterwheel, Sieg recovers a stone cylinder, which the smith helps him open, and which contains two spell scrolls – comprehend languages, and mage armor. Ugo's crew finds that the missing items from the smithy vanished inexplicably, but a large stone marked with a wing symbol appeared outside. Evonni talks to some otters about strange things in the river, and the point her to an oddity in the bank which turns out to be a sinkhole that sucks her, Coge, and Kamil down into a cave system. Kamil manages to climb back out and bring Sieg and Ugo, and they encounter strange ice monsters guarding a shrine of some sort.

After killing the monsters, they enter the shrine and meet the ghost of Rodak, a past hero who mentions he was killed by the Boph but seems to bear no ill will towards them. He puts them through three trials before letting them leave the Shrine, and then giving them relics of his heroic adventures, which turn out to be a strange magical seed that grows a bridge, a mug with healing powers, a magic bag of miniaturized building materials, and a magic ring. His purpose fulfilled, Rodak vanishes and the party makes their way back out of the caves.

Evonni gives the bag of building materials to the Smith to replace the lost stock and repair damage at the mill, Ugo throws the seed as instructed by Rodak where it grows into an impressive stone and metal bridge which will obviate the need for the ferry, Siegfried investigates the possibility of using blessed water in the mug to heal the disease, and Coge's ring turns into a swarm of bats at night and flies away, though it returns in the morning. 

The party each dreams about the item they received, which convinces Siegfried to go to Kusteburg to retrieve a rare herb needed to bless the water in the mug from Ann's shop, taking Oph, Kotadi, and Kamil with him — they also hope to investigate reports of unrest in Kusteburg. Evonni dreams about a strange smith and some animals, and when she asks the town smith about it, she finds that some strange bracers with animal symbols on the appeared at the smithy during the night. The smith gives these to Evonni. Ugo has a dream in which he sees the bridge being turned from a bridge back into a seed with Rodak and a female mage. The mage gives him a magic band in the dream, which he still has when he awakens. When they next sleep, the party shares a dream of fighting a mutated snail, which is interrupted by a pair of massive glowing yellow eyes telling them to "remember". 

On waking, Buu finds he has molted and feels stronger, and some of his memories return. Sensing myconid distress spores, he runs outside, finding the sky overcast almost to the point of twilight. When he portends the weather, he sees a mountain with smoke coming from it, which is not a portent he is familiar with. When the party assembles, they trace the spores to an ambush by three mushroom-wolf hybrids, which Buu is able to identify as myconid spore servants. The servants attack them, focusing only on Ugo and Evonni, but the party defeats them, though Ugo and Hartmann are briefly paralyzed by stunning spores when Hartmann kills the alpha wolf. Buu touches a floating spore that emerges from the alpha, seeing a vision of a leering, pointed eared face along with frantic mental commands to find and neutralize it embedded in the psychic residue of the spore. Buu convinces the party to go after the distress spores, and as they follow the trail they find many glowing, oversized distress spores, some of which Ugo collects despite Buu's protest. 

Along the trail they hear something in the brush, and chase it into a box canyon. It turns out to be an ugly little blue humanoid creature, which beckons them closer, but the party is not fooled and when the creature appears to give a loud frantic signal in its strange language, the party joins battle, where the adventure pauses for now. 




Pilzstadt Pilzstadt

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