The Children of Eisenwald

Over The Hills and Through The Woods

The chase is on!

The party heads into a copse of trees to camp, but Ugo is awakened by a spectral hand beckoning him, and wakes up Evonni as he follows it. It turns out to be Kotadi, warning them that Byard's men have pursued them outside of Kusteburg and into the countryside. 

The group flees, with Coge and Ugo managing to convince a surly shepherd to misdirect their pursuers after he catches Evonni trying to scatter his flock for the same purpose. Siegfried uses his flute to imitate a hawk, scattering birds from a hedge as further misdirection, but they are then stymied by a river. Although Buu finds a decent place to ford, he, Ugo and Siegfried are still swept away when they trying to swim the swift water. Luckily, Evonni and Coge make the other side in time to throw them ropes and pull them to the far side of the river (with Siegfried snatching up Buu in the process) just as Byard's men arrive on the opposite bank. As they draw bows, Coge creates a pair of floating ice blocks to distract them while the party flees.

With several more misdirections, the party arrives in the Eisenwald and makes camp, Evonni sleeping in a tree. She awakes on the ground but doesn't seem to have fallen. Someone catches a brief view of a masked figure, but other than disturbed brush there is no sign of them in the morning. The party finds that they have suddenly taken ill, but this is soon discovered to be an effect of Buu's telepathy spores finally taking hold on them. Siegfried finds he (having carried Buu papoose-style for a substantial portion of the way) is now able to hear Buu's projected thoughts, much to the little myconid's delight, and the rest of the party is expected to soon be "tuned in" as well. 

Kotadi has failed to awaken, however, and despite the application of herbal medicine by Evonni and Buu, they are only able to stabilize him. So, constructing a rough travois from branches and one of Evonni's animal hides, they carry Kotadi to the Healing Spring, hoping it will cure him. Siegfried gives him water from the spring, but when that doesn't work, the party decides to carry Kotadi into the spring.

When they do so, the water begins to bubble and glow, and a shock runs through the party from Kotadi's body. Siegfried manages to remain in the water to hold Kotadi above it, but as the rest of the party scrambles out of the spring, an arrow from somewhere strikes Evonni, and the story pauses. 


Pilzstadt Pilzstadt

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