The Children of Eisenwald

Escape From Kusteburg

The party makes their escape.

The party awakes back at the Duke's Rest, recovering from their injuries under the care of a healer named Kamil, except for Coge as he was relatively uninjured during the fight. Captain Hans introduces Kotadi to Coge, who negotiates an agreement to take Kotadi to the Healing Spring, previously visited by Evonni on Wolf's behalf. 

Later, the party is interviewed individually by Knight Captain Dals about the robbery, and Siegfried perceives from his hostile, accusatory manner (despite the fact that they were victims) that he is connected with Egbert, a question which Dals evades.

That evening, Captain Hans arrives to spirit the party away, suggesting that if they stay in town they may somehow be framed for the robbery or some other malefaction by Byard, Egbert's uncle and the overseer of the city watch.

They make their way out of the inn, where the surly (and likely fake) musicians they encountered on the way to Ann's shop are lying in wait, but Siegfried distracts them with a dart thrown at a distant pan to make noise and the party slips past them unseen. They are nearly caught by a surly cart driver when Ugo is noticed trying to urge the horses forward to block the alley behind them, but Captain Hans intervenes and they escape to the harbor and The Howling Tempest, where they meet Kamil and are instructed to hide in a lifeboat. Therein they meet Kotadi, who has rescued Buu from the bandits who robbed Ann's shop. Once the ship is underway, they lower the lifeboat and escape up the Bochtig river, hiding the boat along the shore as they make their way into the hills towards the Eisenwald.


Pilzstadt Pilzstadt

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